अभिनव और शिक्षकों (के रूप में महीने के अंतिम कार्य दिवस पर अद्यतन) द्वारा किया प्रयोगों





Innovation and Experimentation

( Give a suitable title with a link to give more insight into the work)

Class and subject

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realized or not


Can you see the patterns-

Multiples ,and factors and group formation

V Math’s

Develops sequential thinking and accuracy

Habits of Cooperation

Ability in Sketching

Yes Learning objective realized


Project on (GSWP) Thinkquest named “Computer virus”  &”Computer Hardware”

XI (Comp.Sc )  


XI (I.P)

Student are enableto get knowledge world wide

Project completed & realized


Display of Current affairs and incidents related to Social Science in the class Display Board

IX S.St.

Children will updated with current knowledge of the world



Practice of correct pronunciation with the help of Audio cassettes

IV English

Be able to pronounce correctly

Realized in some extent